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"Gender relations" is an old topic that people have talked about since ancient times, and it is also an unspeakable word that people have talked about. Every time they talk about the "sexual relations", this astounding and consciously avoided topic, they often touch some people. Nerve. "Men and women relations" often match the word "improper", which is the main reason why people are reluctant to talk about it and avoid it. In fact, men and women relations should be cherished. Because this world is a man and The common world of women; because this world is the world where men and women work together and work together; because everything in this world is inseparable from men and women, and their interdependence, survival, coordination and harmony Struggle. Therefore, the relationship between men and women must not be taken care of, must not be harmonious, must not be cherished! Do you say so? Of course, the "male and female relationship" in this world has its "improper" existence Marlboro Gold, but people cannot avoid "men and women" "Relationships" cannot therefore be used to deny "gender relations" Newport Cigarettes, let alone insult and slander "gender relations", and not to narrow the meaning of " "Men and women relations" is regarded as the relationship between men and women in a broad sense. Instead, morality, ethics, and even law should be used to attack "impropriety", to set a "red light" for "improper" men and women relations, and to keep the pure "gender relations" healthy. The development of the relationship between men and women is mostly related to "love" and "love". Healthy and normal feelings and love need to be cultivated, cultivated, developed, and treated rationally. In terms of love, whoever can't be discerning and deal with it properly, who will regret it for life! Men and women should be enthusiastic, enthusiastic, calm and calm in dealing with love. If the relationship between men and women is handled well, it will become a good story; if not handled well, it will become a gossip. Different people have different views of love and different behaviors: when in love, men always like to hold women to the sky, and compare women to stars, birds, and angels, and other things related to the sky; Take "the sky" as your own, and put the loved woman back on the ground. A man's promise to a woman's marriage is not only love, but also a responsibility and responsibility; a woman is willing to grow old with a man, not just a wordless contract, but should be given and sacrificed. This is especially true after men and women form families. Whether or not a lover can eventually become a dependent, the question that should be sober is that in love, men like to express and swear, while women like to be silent and listen. When men and women love to be enthusiastic and hot, they always like to say "meet and hate late"; they always like to say "old and famine in the sky"; they always like to say "I will wait for you forever!" "What a moving confession!" If you think about it, such vows may be fulfilled for young men and women in love, but for men and women in the siege of marriage and family, they are all pale words, helpless words, consolation Words! More than nine out of ten men and women will not abandon the family. Generally speaking, betraying him or her, men and women are more determined before temptation. In the face of reality, no man can really accept a flawed woman; no woman is willing to accept a man with a flaw. Men with emotional damage are more likely to find a comedy love in the world, while women with emotional damage often encounter the next love tragedy and repeat the same love mistakes. As for all extramarital affairs, all "improper" relationships between men and women can only be harmful to others. Once the feast is over, both parties will regret it, and each will have a sense of guilt. Both men and women will hope for a lifetime And need to have friends and confidants, whether it is red or blue. However, "How many people can know one's heart?" Everyone should understand, "The mountains and rivers are not important, and the key is to meet confidants." However, if anyone just wants to find a blue face or red face to satisfy his psychological desire, he or she will not get real friendship and trust. The friendship between Lan Yan and Hong Yan must be to understand each other, understand his (her) psychology, understand his (her) mind, understand his (her) eyes, and understand everything about him (her). The thoughts and ideas of each other are often resonating, and the depths of the mind are often interlinked and tacit. Lan Yan or Hong Yan confidant is actually a kind of male and female relationship that is lighter than love, deeper than friendship, and innocent than the third person. Compared with lover, they have less emotional entanglement and unspeakable hurt. In the world, people will face many complexities in life, the pressure of work competition, psychological depression and setbacks in the advance. Find a blue or red face that truly understands them, talk to each other, listen, and compare it with that of men and women. The conversation is a bit less vanity, and even if you do something wrong, the other party can tolerate it, just like your brother and sister casual. In addition, the relationship between male and female friends and confidants is the same as that of ordinary friends. They need to be true to the true feelings. They must not be too greedy, or ask too much from the other party. For the friendship of each other Parliament Cigarettes, for the cooperation of each other, for the harmony of the family, and for the success of the cause, everyone should pay attention to the relationship between men and women, treat men and women relations, and cherish the relationship. Let us applaud the sincere and precious relationship between men and women
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