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A few days ago, the school organized a class teacher to visit a school in Suzhou to learn from the successful experience of others' moral education mokingusacigarettes.com. The school's architecture, pink walls and tiles, fresh and elegant, and the Jiangnan water village atmosphere like ink paintings blow to the face. The vice president of moral education for us Introduce the core philosophy of the school: the United States and the United States. This is from Mr. Fei Xiaotong's "Every beauty is beautiful, beauty is beautiful, beauty is beautiful, and the world is united." Chongmei, Xiumei, Zhangmei, Chuangmei are the focus of training children. The small tour guides trained by the student associations are skilled and generous in explaining the folk songs, costumes, traditional etiquette, customs and culture of the place. On the walls of each floor, there are some talent shows of students. A little story in the pictures, paintings, and the report of the vice president of moral education made me feel deeply. The parents of a child are auxiliary police, and they have high expectations for their children. However, the child's performance has not been up, and the parents are very anxious. During the home visit, the vice-principal of moral education learned that children like to go fishing on weekends, spring flowers bloom, and love to enjoy flowers. She told her parents: "You don't have to worry about the future of your child. He goes fishing on weekends and enjoys flowers in spring, which shows that he is a child with a very interesting life. Such a child, you will worry that he will not live in the future Online Cigarettes. Alright? ��Not many people take key high schools in this school. The vice principal said,�� It does n��t matter if you do n��t get into high school. You can go to a vocational school! You can still go to society in the future, and there will be good development. OK! Over the years, I have heard a lot of reports and lectures on education and teaching. It is nothing more than how to improve school teaching Parliament Cigarettes, strengthen school management, cultivate student habits, etc. How many people really care about the growth of children? How many teachers, How many schools treat students as living individuals? In this school, the students' previous polite habits were not good. The two vice principals stood at the school gate every morning and said hello to every student who entered the school gate, gradually This kind of greeting ignited among the students like a tinder, and civilized politeness sowed, blossomed, and bear fruit. The principal said in his concluding speech, The core concept of this school was put forward at the beginning of the school. Several principals have inherited it to this day and will continue to inherit it. He also introduced that the vice principal of the school ��s moral education had received Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao in the General Assembly Hall. The word "idea" which exclaimed, I always feel far away from us, but today, I really feel its charm-what kind of idea will determine what kind of action you have "to church Children are people who have fun in life! "When I went home, I repeatedly told myself in my heart. My friend Ru has fair skin, handsome eyebrows, and a typical oriental beauty. However, there is a deficiency in the United States and China. Her calf is slightly bent and she walks slightly outside. They say that the flaws are not covered up. This little shortcoming was not a big deal for the good-looking and beautiful ru, but she often inferiority because of it. In order to cover up the shortcomings, she gave up many fashionable and beautiful clothes and chose Long trousers and long skirt. Not only that, because of this little regret, Ru is not confident in interpersonal communication, and is always timid, making people ignore her existence. Friends, both romantic and insightful into the ordinary life, and Stable work. This is an ideal companion, but Li Jun always feels uncomfortable because the man is short. Li Jun often laments: If he is taller, it will be perfect! But how can there be so in the world Perfect things? In Lijun's tangles and sighs, her boyfriend waved away, leaving only Lijun who regrets it. Once read such a story, there is a girl who is very dancing Fu, but she was a little lame, which made her very inferior. She was always absent-minded in practice. She always felt that everyone was staring at her lame. Sometimes when she heard the laughter of others, she thought That was laughing at herself. She even wanted to give up. The teacher who knew her quickly caught this and said to her, "You just have to show people your beautiful dancing and sweet smiles. This is your advantage. As for your little regret, since it can't be changed, let's forget it! With the encouragement of the teacher, the girl tried to forget her lameness. As long as she stood on the stage, she devoted herself to the beautiful dance music. Finally, the beautiful dance moves, the bright smile on her face, for her Winning applause and applause everyone is not perfect, everyone's life will have imperfections, if you care about those imperfections, you will fall into the imperfections and lose yourself. But if you do not care about the imperfections or even forget It, strive to show your beauty, then your future will also be wonderful
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