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MITSUBISHI PAJERO FULL Autos Articles | October 26 Cheap MLB Jerseys Online , 2013
Its name comes from a wild cat agile and resilient. Two qualities always present in the Mitsubishi Pajero Full since it was launched in 1982.

Leopards Pajero. The scientific name in Latin means a nimble feline with amazing ability to climb and very resistant, whose habitat ranges from Peru to Chile. Bigger and more muscular than a domestic cat, has spotted the body and bushy tail. Lives on both sides of the Andes and is a nocturnal hunter. Here's what is known about the discrete-dos-pampas cat, or cat-haystack, our Leopards Pajero. And yet, few cars are so famous Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping , known and admired as it takes its name: Mitsubishi Pajero Full.

Elevation to the status of living legend of motorsport as the only car twelve times winner of the Dakar Rally, the most difficult and rigorous in the world, the Pajero Full emerged as a prototype in November 1973.

The Mitsubishi PX33 , a prototype was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ( MHI ). Built to military use of the Japanese Government and was the first Japanese vehicle to have four wheel drives. MHI would have returned 50 years later in search of their success driven.

were built only 4 prototypes the PX33 and had a Mitsubishi engine 6.700cc of the powertrain Diesel 70cvThe first motor direct injection.

Meanwhile in 1937 the PX33 was canceled after the government decided to give priority to the development of commercial vehicles and autocross.

The PX33 was used as a marketing tool To Mitsubishi use during the launch of the fourth generation Mitsubishi Pajero. Both were present at the Mon dial de automobile September 2006in Paris. The experience of making Mitsubishi Motors vehicles Off-Road Dual-purpose dates back to 1953 when, as some other Asian automakers, obtained a license to 'clone' the famous Jeep.

Mitsubishi's version Cheap MLB Jerseys From China , known as "J-52", was not permitted to export, because it was not known outside of Japan It was used by the Japanese self-defense forces and enthusiasts who need a vehicle for off-road activities. Enough naked and simple durability was the main feature of the J-52.

Mitsubishi Motors predicted that one day; people would also want these vehicles for daily driving and began to explore some projects for the future. In 1973, a vehicle was displayed dual-purpose prototype for everyday use. was more of a recreational vehicle with an open top and a thick roll bar. Seats were sporting in design and overall image was young. Was He called the Pajero, the name being taken from an animal found in northern Argentina (see above).

At Salon Tokyo that year, it was impossible not with eye-popping concept car from Mitsubishi. In outward appearance Cheap MLB Jerseys China , it was a jeep - so far seen only as a work vehicle. On the other hand, offered the warmth and ease of management of a passenger vehicle. That is, an innovative concept that can gather the courage to comfort the utility of the Automobile.

But how to catalog the newborn Pajero, that ingenious invention? How fit that mixture of jeep-auto? "It was not known yet, but a new classification in the auto industry was being created by Mitsubishi: sport-utility vehicle, then synthesized by the acronym SUV Cheap MLB Jerseys ," explains journalist Luiz Guerrero. Even so, it took nearly a decade until the Pajero reached the production line.

After displaying a second version of the prototype at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1978, and after an exhaustive worldwide search, it was only in 1982 that Mitsubishi Motors decided to mass produce his SUV. "He can be seen on the door of a Parisian bistro or the sands of the desert," said the campaign launch.

"It is easy to imagine the 4x4 in these and many other places," continues Guerrero. "At the time Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , however, the versatility of the car was a wonder, a boldness that ran the same risk of all great revolutions, regardless of the sector in which they occur."

But it was precisely thanks to the sands of the desert that the future of Mitsubishi SUV became a legend, living up to the slogan becomes respected worldwide: The car, the legend.

Is the Mitsubishi Pajero barely left the factory and has faced his baptism of fire: dunes Cheap Jerseys Online , sand and stones pitiless deserts of the Sahara and the Tenure. Before exporting the car, Mitsubishi decided to promote it internationally. And so he decided to join the race off-road world's most demanding. In 1983 the factory entered four Pajero Dakar Rally. Two to compete and to take other spare parts - the rules of the time did not allow support staff. The cars, convertibles and station, had aspirated 2.6 engine, 4 cylinders and 110 horses.

With the exception of one, who flipped the Dakar debut ended very well? The Pajero survived 20 days of slaughter. Arrive at 11 ° Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , 14 ° and 30 ° in general. But won the Production category (factory cars without modification) and Marathon (with limited modifications). Break even took the trophy for Best Team Work, by completing the race without mechanical problems.

It took two years before, in 1985, the duo of Patrick Zaniroli pilots and Andrew Cowan conquer the top two spots of the race at the wheel of his Pajero. The car, however, began to make success too adventurous for its glamor: that same year Cheap Jerseys From China , Prince Albert and his sister Princess Caroline of Monaco, the Pajero Full chosen to compete in the Dakar Rally.

In 1986, no fewer than 64 Pajero coming from places as diverse as Peru and Germany have signed up on the test, 30 of them in the Production category, for the factory cars. The victories were succeeding even if the final consecration: twelve most spectacular rally championships in the world, seven of them consecutive Cheap Jerseys China ,

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