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The days of PlayStation 2 were the best. At that time Wholesale Dorance Armstrong Jr. Jersey , it seemed that good quality games were released every few weeks. There was no need to advertise AAA games that could be seen 5 years after the initial release. They were not only perfection in the PlayStation 2 market, but also in the PlayStation 2 market.

Even if people switch to the Xbox platform or Nintendo's gaming system, the PS2 is still in the hearts of gamers. Microsoft hesitated for all the exclusive PlayStation games of the seventh generation. We knew that many pre-exclusive rights would be released simultaneously. The game, which was always multi-platform Wholesale Michael Gallup Jersey , was a big success on PlayStation 2. This was the reason for success. Over time, the game was the first picnic under the PlayStation 2 banner and was given a legendary status. It was a perfect game in every way, as fans developed this mindset in their minds. This is not true and there are still a few flaws in the game that is still critically accepted.

We do not claim the game is not good anyway, but fans overestimate it because they forget that they are smaller than the rest. Other games on this list are games that have been tested for time Wholesale Connor Williams Jersey , or are unfortunate enough to be ignored.

The God of War 2:

Released at the time PlayStation 3 was released, God of War II was the last meeting of PS2. The game gave us many entertainment elements in the first series and did not disappoint, and we added a variety of pulse and sequences that make God a very large percentage of the war story. Ten years later (even in terms of graphics); I contributed to the creation of PS3's God of War III. The boss fights in this game are the best.

Devil May Cry 3 - Dante's Awakening:

After a terrible story and gameplay, we got Demon May Cry 2 (the successor to Captain's biggest comeback). This game answered all complaints from the fans about Dante's characters Wholesale Leighton Vander Esch Jersey , sophisticated gameplay and problems (somewhat unjustly strengthened). Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening was also used as a template for the next game in the series that kept the style and flow that resulted from this game.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas:

Grand Theft Auto V sold a total of 90 million units in 2018. The predecessor, GTA IV, was previously a franchise with high quality and sales. The remarkable success of GTA is however benchmarked in the GTA: San Andreas.

Tekken 5:

The Tekken 6 series was the same quality product for the multi-platform. Multiplatform games do not have the same creativity or stories in exclusive Tekken games. Tekken 5 is the best in the series and boasted the best in the showcase. The gameplay is more interactive with the environment, graphics have been upgraded and the amplifier style is actually pumped up. After the story of Tekken 5 Wholesale Xavier Woods Jersey , Namco did not want to tell us a good story. This list of games has the opposite of what it means to enter the number of characters later.

The Prince of Persia:

Now there are games that exist in many ways, rather than homesickness. The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a story beautifully narrated as it brought in a regal figure that could breathe a series of vitality and bring us to a scenario far beyond his comprehension.

The ability to run at that time was invisible, in combination with an interesting wall looping thread, the platform of the game Wholesale Jourdan Lewis Jersey , wonderfully complemented stories and characters. Assassin's Creed series would not have been possible if this game was on stage.

Silent Hill 2:

While Resident Evil introduced horror into video games, it was perfected by the Silent Hill series. The first three games are the ultimate when it comes to distributing fears in abundance. Silent Hill 2 will be the best film in the series. It gave us a fascinating story that confronted us with the shoes of a desperate individual. The players have the same champion to have and go out despite the cooler atmosphere of the city, which encourages them to make a point of it. Unfortunately, we no longer receive this Silent Hill game of good quality.


The Godfather is what one can call cloning Wholesale Byron Jones Jersey , well done. That is essentially the GTA style, but the game is undoubtedly an exciting game. Rarely has the time a game needs to provide good service, but The Godfather has integrated the plot of the film with the video game. The sandbox does not multiply much GTA, where The Godfather focuses entirely on crowd psychology such as extortion Wholesale Maliek Collins Jersey , extortion and occupying rival territory. It helped the story draw you like the movie did.

Shadow of the Colossus:

This game gave Team Ico the fame they had in the eleven years' time between the next releases of The Last Guardian. And as we all know, Shadow of the Colossus is certainly well organized for the fans and is often mentioned when discussing the art of video games.

Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban:

Try to mention the great games based on the series and you only raise one finger when you count them. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban show us the clear intention of the developers to make a film-based game attractive. It brings the power of friendship into play. Harry, Ron and Hermione have to be used in parallel to pass the game and that is a great journey from the beginning of the school year to the end.

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