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Although I am still young, I can do a lot of things, such as: organizing bookcases, wardrobes, toys: cycling, rollerblading Marlboro Lights, skateboarding, etc. I think the fastest thing to learn is skateboarding. I remember when I was in the first grade summer vacation, one day, Zhang Haobo, who lived with me in a yard, had a blue plastic plate in his hand, and there were only two wheels in front of him. Ba Tong began to ask him: "How to play with this plastic board?" "This is not called a plastic board, this is called a skateboard." Zhang Haobo said. "Then you slide for us! Let's see." He smiled and said, "I don't know much." After I got home, I clamored to ask my grandpa to buy me a skateboard. Grandpa asked, "What is skateboard?" "I told my grandfather," It's a plastic plate with two wheels in front and one behind, and people can glide when standing on it. "" Oh, the original one is called a skateboard. I also saw a few children playing. "Grandpa said," What skateboard does a girl skate ... "Before the grandpa finished, I shouted:" What's wrong with the girl, if you can't buy one, I will learn it soon. "Start, Grandpa If you don't agree, I'll die hard and follow him, begging grandpa to buy a skateboard for me. Finally, grandpa couldn't stand my noise and promised to buy me a skateboard. When I got up the next morning, I was still doing my homework, and I heard my grandfather yelling: "The skateboard was bought back." I hurried over to take a look. Grandpa was carrying a blue bag on his shoulder. I snatched it and said: "Is this thing still to be packed in a bag?" "That's someone else's packaging, so it's also very convenient to carry." "Oh!" I took the skateboard and ran to the yard to slide, grandpa was loud behind my butt Calling: "Be careful! Don't fall down." Oops, the station was not stable, Grandpa helped me to slide forward a little bit, it was much harder than I thought, I let Grandpa let go: "Let I tried it myself. "" Bao "fell down and my buttocks hurt. Grandpa hurried over and pulled me up and said," Has the pain hurt? "I said Newport 100S," It's okay. "Grandpa said: "I'm too tired, go back and rest for a while, you will lean against the wall and learn slowly." Grandpa was not there, my courage seemed to be twice as big as before, and I slid round and round the wall, tired I was so sweaty and panting that I was really "a kung fu who was willing to live up to my heart", I finally didn't have to help people, With the help of the wall, I can slide up myself. In order to learn to skateboard, sometimes I do n��t even eat lunch. So after more than ten days of hard training and learning, I learned to skateboard. Grandpa does n��t believe it. Grandpa stood there and watched me draw a circle of grandpas, smiling all over his face: "My granddaughter is so powerful, he learns to skateboard so quickly! By learning skateboarding Cigarettes For Sale, I think no matter what I do, Perseverance will surely succeed.
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