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In terms of packaging design, relative cigarettes have been upgraded and perfected Newport 100S. The taste of cigarettes and cigarettes follows the characteristics of Baiyun smoke, giving old smokers a kind of intimacy of old friends, and evokes the infinite aftertaste of old smokers. Packaging design inherits the old The classic design of the version of Baiyunyan, but it has been improved and upgraded. The use of innovative technology of moire hot stamping and vertical-grained media paper makes the overall appearance more high-end and elegant. The cigarette stick on the top of the cigarette box made the author think that the cigarette was packaged in a soft box, but when I carefully appreciated it, I discovered that it was packaged in a hard box. The side of the cigarette case is printed with a QR code and a "holographic anti-counterfeiting logo, which is convenient for smokers and friends to easily distinguish the authenticity. The inner quality is carefully selected from Yunnan high-quality tobacco leaves, supplemented by imported tobacco leaves, and modern formula technology is used to highlight the pure tobacco. Fragrant Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the overall aroma is full, little irritation, almost no odor, the aftertaste is clean and comfortable, and the sense of satisfaction is quite strong. The top of the filter contains a round filter rod to achieve the scorching effect. Ignite a slow product and smoke it. Yes, the smoke is full and plump, which means it burns faster. If you are addicted to cigarettes, you may not be able to survive the addiction. Generally speaking, it is more cost-effective and a good tobacco food Cigarettes For Sale. Overall comment: the taste and aroma are quite good, and the smoke is purple. It feels like a cloud, but it is a bit rougher than Ziyun. A pack of 16 yuan, a cost-effective tobacco ration.
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Marlboro 100'S Online

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