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Glass extensions are the latest in interior these days. They not only provide light and space but are modern in concept. Many homeowners are moving towards this contemporary style of construction in Edinburgh. Traditionally Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Backpack , this style of construction was not very common in a cold city like Edinburgh, as these kinds of extensions are icy in winters. One of the major problems is the issue of heat emission with glass. However, there are so many glass production advances over the last few years that controlling the temperature in such an environment is not at all an issue. There are now double glazed panels available in the market. These have a coating of metal oxide which allows heat and light to pass through the wall but not out again.

The glass extensions can add extra space and light to the property. Many homeowners get this done Cheap Fjallraven Backpack , which gives a modern touch to their old houses.


Normally these kinds of extensions are very expensive. The material used is costly plus the cost in the designing, engineering and testing is a separate issue. However, simple glass is cheap and using this can lower the costs to quite an extent.

Importantly Cheap Fjallraven Kanken , in order to figure out the cost of such an extension it is vital to consider the size of extension. The costs vary according to the size. A complex multi-storey glass extension will obviously cost more than a small side return glass extension. Glass extensions add a wow factor to the property. Having the right glass extension at the right place will obviously also add value to your property.

Technical matters

If total glass frames give you a goldfish bowl feel then in that case you can always balance it with wood, stainless steel or even stone. The glass must be toughened so that if a brick is thrown at a panel it bounces back. Moreover they should be easy to clean. In Edinburgh you must always go for double glazed metal oxide layered glass which will retain heat. There is also a solar control glass which reflects upto 90% of the suheat.

Before you start

Before you start you must ensure if you need a planning permission to carry out the extension. You must hire an experiences architect to carry out the project. Also, if you have any plans of selling the house soon then you must contact a local estate agent to see if it will be a stylish and expensive mistake on your part.

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