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TORONTO -- A Japanese comic book and a ubiquitous rodent combined to form the inspiration for the 2015 Pan American Games mascot. Pachi the Porcupine was unveiled on Wednesday after a nationwide contest was held among school children to design the international sporting events cartoon character. Four Grade 8 students from Buttonville Public School in Markham, Ont., had their design selected among 4,000 entries. "(The name) came to me once when I was reading my manga book, which is a Japanese comic book. There was a Japanese phrase called pachi pachi, and in English it translates to clapping with joy," said 14-year-old Paige Kunihiro shortly after the mascot was revealed in a ceremony in downtown Toronto. "We know that in the Pan Am Games theres going to be a lot of cheering on our favourite athletes and superstars." Kunihiro put together the winning entry with classmates Fiona Hong, Jenny Lee and Michelle Ing -- all of whom are 13 years old -- after physical education teacher Mari Ellery had them enter the contest as part of a school project. Pachi has 41 quills, one for each country participating in the Pan Am Games. The contest required that all entries use the official colours of the Games, so the quills are multicoloured, with each representing the qualities Pachi has: green for youth, fuchsia for passion, blue for collaboration, orange for determination and purple for creativity. "We saw that there were so many colours left, so we wanted to incorporate all of them so we put them on the quills," said Ing. Added Lee: "What better way to take advantage of the quills." The girls chose a porcupine for the anthropomorphic mascot because its indigenous across North and South America. "We were initially doing research about Canadian animals and Michelle came across the porcupine and we looked into that because we were like, well thats unique," said Lee. "She found out that they are found in all of the countries that are participating." Olympic gold medallist Rosie MacLennan, from Toronto, and Paralympic gold medallist Tyler Miller, from Kitchener, Ont., were also on hand to introduce Pachi in front of hundreds of children at Kids CBC Days. "Mascots are the face of the Games and something that I remember fondly from the Games I have competed at," said MacLennan in a statement. "Pachi is definitely lovable and memorable." Fake NBA Jerseys Sale . Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee? Green had bounced around the NBA when he wasnt playing overseas. The Pacers gave up on Plumlee after just one season. Now Green and Plumlee are key cogs in the Suns surprising breakout season. Fake Nike NBA Jerseys . Instead of dwelling on the negative, Oates focused on what was good about the clubs recent play. It worked. http://www.fakenbajerseys.com/ .ca looks back at the stories and moments that made the year memorable. Discount Fake NBA Jerseys . -- Brandon Jennings made the most of his first game with the Detroit Pistons on Sunday night. Fake NBA Jerseys China . -- Mike Smith never saw his first NHL goal go in.SEATTLE, Washington - Thanks to Alex Rodriguez – thats not a typo – we will get a better understanding of the depths of the mess caused by Biogenesis and its ballplayer clients. There isnt much sympathy for the Yankees third baseman, a fallen star, but players do support A-Rods right to play as he appeals a 211-game suspension – through the 2014 season – which is scheduled to begin on Thursday. “He says he feels good to play, I mean I dont know too much about whats going on there but if he feels like he wants to play and they let him play I dont see why not,” said Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes. “Be on the field, play baseball and do what he loves to do. From the other stuff, I dont know whats going to happen to be honest with you.” It could be that Reyes has but a passing interest in the Rodriguez-Major League Baseball-Biogenesis saga or, perhaps, hes on to something. We really dont know how this will play out. Rodriguez intends to appeal, a legal process which could take weeks or months and keep him on the field until an independent arbitrator renders a ruling. This is good and it will be healthy for the game. Theatre aside, maybe well actually learn of whats gone on here. Unlike about a dozen others who swallowed their pride, signed off on statements and disappeared to serve 50-game suspensions, Rodriguez intends to defend his honour. The fact he has no honour as an already admitted drug cheat and as a nauseating narcissist is irrelevant. His will to fight opens the entire process to greater scrutiny. Did Rodriguez attempt to purchase the documents linking him to Biogenesis from Tony Bosch, the founder of the now-defunct anti-aging clinic? Or did Bosch, facing financial ruin after a disgruntled employee went public about Biogenesis peddling of PEDs, attempt to extort money from Rodriguez in exchange for the papers? Will an arbitrator view Bosch as a credible witness considering Major League Baseball threatened to sue him if he didnt cooperate? Was Rodriguez not only a user of Biogenesis product but also a recruiter, supplying the clinic with additional clients from the baseball world? These questions will – or at least should – be answered because Rodriguez, regardless of motive, has the gumption to fight. The Players Association, which backs a cleaner game on behalf of members who are fed up with others drug use, is supporting A-Rods appeal. Players like Mark DeRosa, who want a clean game, also see the value in the appeals process. “I know its something that weve got to address,” said veteran Mark DeRosa. “I just think that when we sit down in the offseason or when that Players Association meetings get together Im sure there are going to be a lot of opinions on a lot of ways to just, I dont want to say to make itt easier, just make it a one shot lifetime ban, see ya later and then no one will ever do it again.dddddddddddd I dont know if thats the answer. Im sure there will be a lot of things discussed.” As a player who broke into the big leagues in the late 1990s, the height of steroid use in the game, DeRosa is bothered that drug use continues to be a hot topic. “Just very tiring to listen to,” he said. Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta settled for a 50-game suspension. Should Detroit make the playoffs, hell be eligible to return to the lineup at that time. DeRosa, a teammate of Peraltas for part of the 2009 season, was shaken by the news. “Peraltas the toughest one for me,” he said. “I shared a locker next to him in Cleveland. Shared a locker next to him all of spring training and the first half of the season and I know him, I know his wife, I know his kids, I know his family so thats shocking. No it wont change my perspective of him as a person. Definitely you question some things but Id like to think I know who the real guy is.” The unknown seems to bothers players most. No doubt, theres a washed up pitcher somewhere who didnt make it because drug users were rapping his offerings over outfield walls in minor league parks across the country. Surely theres a dirty player in the majors who beat out a minor league teammate, at the same position, because the other guy was clean. Greats like Ryan Braun, the guy the Brewers chose to give a nine-figure contract instead of Prince Fielder, may no longer be great without the drugs. “I dont think these people realize its affected way more than just them,” said DeRosa. However well intentioned his comment, DeRosa surely realizes a dirty player whos stashed away millions of dollars likely has fewer regrets about his career than the clean scrub who never made the big time and wonders how different his bank account would be if hed cheated. As for the commissioner, Bud Seligs war on drugs is inconsistent with the passive stance he took as Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds rewrote record books and did all but turn green in transforming into Incredible Hulk-like characters. Maybe back then he didnt care, just thankful for renewed interest in the game years after the players strike of 1994 wiped out a World Series and public appetite for the sport. Maybe back then he didnt know, ignorant like so many of the rest of us who want so badly to believe the sports we watch are pure. Either way, this pursuit feels better suited to the man who will succeed Selig. As for A-Rod, its the strangest thing. So obsessed is he with his legacy and his money owed that hes willing to fight. His motive is personal. It always is. The difference, in this instance, is that baseball fans stand to benefit. ' ' '

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