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Each week, ESPN.com.au AFL draft expert Christopher Doerre - aka Knightmare - casts his eye over the countrys best junior footballers to give readers an early insight into the next generation of AFL stars.As well as attending live games, Doerre pores through match vision, analyses the stats and talks to industry sources to ensure he can offer the most insightful draft analysis.Aside from the weekly wrap, Doerre will also unveil his power rankings at the end of each month.And as we get closer to Novembers national draft, Doerre will also predict who goes where with his annual phantom draft.Player focus Playing with great heart and an intensity that matches his red hair, North Ballarat Rebels midfielder Willem Drew -- for the second week in a row -- was named his teams best player. Drew gathered 24 disposals including 16 contested possessions, took five marks and laid nine tackles to go with a goal and score assist. As he has done all year, the 188cm midfielder played with an intensity greater than anyone else on the field.What has been most impressive from Drew is his ferociousness on the field. Several of Drews tackles during the game, particularly one in the final quarter, left opponents very slow to get up. His ground ball work and ability to burst through tackles at full speed is a sight to behold. In addition to his sublime inside work, it was also promising to see Drew finding space on the outside as well getting into the right positions behind the ball.When teammate Hugh McCluggage was taken to ground by two Geelong Falcons players, Drew went straight to the aid of his teammate, pushing the two Geelong instigators back and making it clear he stood for none of that.Analysis?Drew is viewed as a likely second or third round prospect. However, a positive draft combine along with a strong finish to the TAC Cup finals could mean Drew pushes for first-round selection.His contested style of game, which sees him win a high percentage of ball in the tight contests, is a feature that translates to AFL level. Drew has also managed to kick 11 goals from his 12 matches this season and is certainly a marking threat forward of centre, while also having the skills required to play in the backline.One comment several recruiters have made about Drew is, he has the habit of kicking for territory from stoppages rather than lowering his vision to hit up a target. So it is clear he needs to work on identifying targets around the ground as he will not want to continue being limited with his disposal.If Drew can adjust his decision-making around the stoppages and provide more meaningful drives, his game will reach a whole new level.Victorian prospect watchTAC CupPlaying on at every opportunity and creating several meaningful offensive drives that lead to scores is the game of possible top five-selection Andrew McGrath. Since the AFL Under-18 championships, McGrath has continued to enhance his draft stocks and this week was no exception as he racked up 29 disposals, 12 contested possessions, five tackles, seven clearances, three inside 50s and two score assists.McGraths game was a combination of winning the ground ball cleanly from stoppages and taking the game on aggressively with his run and bounce at every opportunity. McGrath has an ability to accelerate at breakneck speed, and on several occasions ran 20 or 30 metres before handballing to a teammate. The drive created several scoring opportunities for Sandringham and was one of the major ingredients that helped them advance to the second week of the TAC Cup finals.While not as efficient by foot as he has been in his other games this year, Will Setterfield showed recruiters why he is regarded as a possible first-round selection on the back of his hard work at stoppages. The 190cm midfielder played a major part in Sandringhams two-point victory with 19 disposals, 14 contested possessions, 16 tackles, 10 clearances and one goal.Tim Taranto continues to display his aerial prowess up forward and ability to win the ball through the midfield. This week he managed 27 disposals, 16 contested possessions, five marks (three contested), eight clearances, seven inside 50s and one goal to continue an excellent stretch of games.Corey Lyons was at his productive best with 31 disposals, 10 contested possessions, six marks, five tackles, four clearances, seven inside 50s and one goal in his latest match. At times this season Lyons has been criticised for his sloppy disposal by foot, but his output, desperation, run and goal in the final quarter at the weekend played a major part in Sandringhams win.Spending time both back and forward in this game, likely first-round selection Jack Scrimshaw impressed with his run and evasive movement coming out of the back half early on. His 25 disposals, three marks (one contested) and one goal capped off another productive performance. What was not impressive from Scrimshaw was his erratic kicking - he frequently missed targets by foot as well as shots on goal. He will need to clean up his ball use by foot if he is to feature early in this years draft.Continuing to show glimpses up forward was bottom-ager Jaidyn Stephenson. Stephenson had nine disposals, five marks (two contested), five tackles, four goals and one score assist to be one of his sides best. His work at ground level and aerial ability was what impressed most in a game where every one of his touches was damaging.One of the players to lift for the final was Hayden Stanley, a 183cm, 77kg backman who had his best game for the season. His ball use from defence was precise as he continued to kick the ball lace out to his teammates all afternoon. He also impressed with his intercept play and demonstrated a great ability to read the ball in flight. Stanley finished the game with 22 disposals, four marks and eight rebound 50s.Dylan Clarke continued his consistent play through the midfield with 22 disposals, 13 contested possessions, five tackles, five clearances, four inside 50s, one goal and four score assists. As always, Clarke won the ball in close and ran hard throughout the game; it was pleasing to see him sneak forward for his goal. Clarke will be one of the in-demand inside midfielders this year given the strength of his stoppage work and endurance running.Potential Collingwood father-son choice Callum Brown impressed through Easterns midfield with 18 disposals, seven contested possessions, six marks, six tackles, three clearances, one goal and two score assists. Brown is a strong contested ball winner who rotates between the midfield and forward line. However, he would be expected to spend more time as a forward when drafted as he can apply exceptional pressure and ferocious tackling. While Browns foot skills have let him down at times this year, his ball use was mostly clean against Sandringham which was a positive.While his kicking proved erratic, Jordan Gallucci offered Eastern a spark at stages of their match. Gallucci finished with 19 disposals, nine contested possessions, four marks (two contested), four tackles, eight inside 50s and one goal. He was exceptionally clean every time the ball hit the deck, often crumbing down the bottom of the pack and took an impressive aerial pack mark towards the end of the second quarter.Gallucci also showed his explosive pace at various stages. However, he was wasteful in front of goal kicking four behinds.Will Brodies stoppage work again was first class. The play that exemplified his game was at the end of the third quarter where Brodie won first possession in close, handballed to a teammate and bumped into an opposition player at the stoppage to clear space for his teammate to win a clearance. Brodie is a hard worker who racks up the one percenters, something AFL club recruiters will have noticed.Brodie also on several occasions won first possession in dangerous positions at stoppages with space in front of him, promptly using his burst of acceleration to generate meaningful clearances. While his 19 disposals may seem nothing extraordinary, his 11 contested possessions, four marks (one contested), five tackles, 10 clearances and six inside 50s where impactful.While the result was beyond doubt in the final minutes of the game, Brodie made sure he emptied his tank - another huge positive. There were several in a sequence of stoppages where Brodie either won first possession or laid a tackle with a clear plan to force more stoppages and not allow Dandenong to generate any further offense. It is those football smarts that will see Brodie feature among the first few selected in this years AFL draft.While Esava Ratugolea had just 10 disposals, six marks (four contested), 16 hitouts and one score assist, his play was astounding.?Ratugolea consistently flew at packs for contested marks, bringing down a number of them, but his ability to simply get to contests and compete was impressive. This type of play is something that AFL recruiters look for in forwards, so that is a big tick for Ratugolea. One area the big man can work on would be his overhead marking which if perfected could see him turn into a powerful AFL forward.James Cousins was impressive through Murrays midfield with 26 disposals, 13 contested possessions, nine marks (one contested), seven clearances, four inside 50s, two goals and one score assist. The 185cm midfielder has received a state combine invite on the back of a consistent season for Murray.Impressing with his intercept marking and one-on-one work was Ryan Garthwaite who had 16 disposals, eight marks (two contested) and eight rebound 50s.?Garthwaite is a 192cm backman from the GWS Academy who has had a consistent season for Murray.Harry Morrison, a 182cm backman has also received a national combine invite and in Murrays win on Sunday demonstrated a solid all-around game with 20 disposals, seven contested possessions, five marks (one contested) and one score assist.?His intercept marking and reading of play was impressive. He also used the ball cleanly and performed well in the one-on-one contests.As he so often does, Lachlan Tiziani proved a handful up forward with 11 disposals, six contested possessions, seven marks (three contested) and four goals in his match.The dominant key forward on the ground was Dandenongs Joshua Battle. Battle ended the match with 17 disposals, seven marks (two contested), a season high six goals and one score assist. Battles work rate, cleanness at ground level and finishing from general play is what most impressed.Keeping potential top five selection Todd Marshall goalless for the majority of the contest was 194cm bottom-age key defender Oscar Clavarino who played an excellent two-way game. Clavarino had 13 disposals, five marks (two contested) and three rebound 50s and won many contests against Marshall by either spoiling or out-marking. He also took several uncontested intercept marks where he was able to peel off at the right times. Despite the great performance, it became clear as the match wore on that Marshall was struggling with a right leg injury.Through the midfield, Myles Poholke was Dandenongs best stoppage player. He had 23 disposals, nine contested possessions, eight marks (two contested), seven tackles, five inside 50s and two goals.?Beyond his stoppage work, his one-on-one marking and tackling were also highlights.Bottom-age midfielder James Worpel proved a match through the midfield for the more experienced North Ballarat side. Worpel finished up with 21 disposals, 13 contested possessions, three marks, four tackles, nine clearances and one score assist. Worpel did well to largely match the output and play of Willem Drew and looks to be a genuine high draft selection for 2017.Bottom-ager and brother of Darcy, Cassidy Parish -- along with Worpel through the midfield -- was excellent with 16 disposals, seven contested possessions, six marks, five inside 50s, one goal and two score assists.Top-age forward Brett Blair was back to his high flying best up forward with nine disposals, eight marks (two contested), five goals and one score assist. However, it appears unlikely that Blair will get selected in this years draft despite his promising start to the season. If overlooked, Blair would be a terrific choice for a state league club looking for a dynamic forward with scope to improve.Hugh McCluggage while quieter than usual was still influential with 20 disposals, eight contested possessions, four marks, seven tackles, eight inside 50s, two goals and five score assists.?McCluggages work rate was impressive, along with his cleanness at ground level and precise ball use by hand and foot.Bottom-ager Jack Higgins was impactful both through the midfield and playing forward. He had 23 disposals, 14 contested possessions, three marks (one contested), five clearances, five inside 50s, three goals and two score assists. His play in the front half was instinctive, while in the midfield he put his head over the ball to win it regularly. Hell be a player to watch closely next year.Top-ager Lachlan Walker, a 188cm, 84kg midfielder has had a terrific season for Oakleigh, finishing among their best in 11 of 16 games. Against Calder he had 25 disposals, 16 contested possessions, five clearances, eight inside 50s and four score assists. Walker displayed a positive all-round game, winning the contested ball but also showing excellent vision and ball distribution.Off the back of his strong season, Walker has received a state combine invite and is one of this years more promising top-age prospects.For the third game in a row Ben Ronke was named Calders best to continue his strong late season form. Against Oakleigh he had 22 disposals, 10 contested possessions, four marks, five tackles, five clearances, six inside 50s and two goals for the game. Ronke was also lively at stoppages, bringing energy to the contest and also finding a way to impact the scoreboard. He has now booted 19 goals in his 15 matches this season, including eight from his past three.Younger brother of Geelongs Cameron, Zach Guthrie also showed promising signs. The defender was lively and demonstrated an ability to intercept mark. He finished up with 14 disposals, five marks and four rebound 50s.?South Australian prospect watchSANFLReservesSpeedster Brandon Parfitt injected energy for North Adelaide up forward and pushed up into the midfield with 23 disposals, eight contested possessions, six marks (one contested), six inside 50s, three goals and two score assists.Jonty Scharenberg continued his consistent play through the midfield with 18 disposals, five contested possessions, five marks and one goal.Alex Villis played more of an outside role at the weekend which was why he managed just two contested possessions, but nevertheless he was at his productive best with 24 disposals, 10 marks, one goal and one score assist.?Under-18sIan Milera, a 171cm, 64kg small forward was a match-winner in the forward line for Glenelg with 16 disposals, 10 contested possessions, four marks (one contested), five goals and five score assists.Bottom-age key forward and ruck prospect, Callum Coleman-Jones also performed strongly with 22 disposals, nine marks (one contested), 17 hitouts, six inside 50s and one score assist.Lewis Young, a 198cm key forward showed positive signs up forward with 16 disposals, seven marks (two contested) and three goals. Young is another player that has received a state combine invite after a strong second half to the season for Sturt.Potential father-son selection Ben Jarman only enhanced his draft credentials with 29 disposals, 13 contested possessions, seven marks, four tackles, eight clearances and two goals in North Adelaides win.Western Australian prospect watchWAFLReservesAfter a difficult league debut where he faced off against ex-Tiger and Crow Angus Graham, Tim English rebounded well in the reserves with 20 disposals, nine marks and 29 hitouts for South Fremantle.ColtsContinuing his strong form, 188cm midfielder Bailey Banfield was at his productive best with 32 disposals, four marks, five tackles and six inside 50s.Sam Petrevski-Seton again proved impactful through the midfield with 25 disposals, five marks, six tackles and eight inside 50s.Through the ruck, Jeremy Goddard had one of his highest hitout totals for the season (51), but did little around the ground to finish up with just eight disposals.Once again Shai Bolton was impressive up forward with 17 disposals, five marks and four goals.Division two states (Tasmania, Northern Territory, NSW/ACT, Queensland and Northern Academy) prospects watchNEAFL:Sydney AcademyRunning machine Jake Brown did his draft chances no harm with 22 disposals and five marks.Ryan Hebron -- as he has for much of the year -- performed well for Sydney in the backline with 15 disposals and five marks.GWS Academy189cm midfielder Lucas Meline contributed well with 17 disposals to earn an invite to the state screenings.Key defence prospect Harrison Macreadie played his part down back with 15 disposals, four marks and four rebound 50s.Sam Fisher, a 180cm midfielder who has received a national combine invite also fit in well for GWS with 15 disposals, four marks and five tackles. 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