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This year's Lunar August 15th, the Mid-Autumn Festival, is September 27th of the Gregorian calendar. It��s just today, Sunday��s study of Dad��s Mid-Autumn Festival is to go to the Mao House on the West Lake for tea and walk Marlboro Lights. My mom and I went together. Just out of the gate of the community, I found out that the bus is double-decker, but when I look closer, I found that one of the layers is an oversized suitcase, and the second floor is able to sit. At this time, Aunt Li was directing the students to put a large pile of food, drink and eight or nine bicycles on the giant suitcase. When I first saw the seven or eight bicycles, my friends and I were shocked! "Why do they have to bring so many bicycles? Is there no rent for the West Lake?" I thought. Then my mother and I went to the second floor to grab the first row Parliament Cigarettes. Do you know why you want the first row of seats? Because the first row of sight is good Online Cigarettes, the front is a large glass window, you can see the beautiful scenery of the West Lake... At 8 o'clock, everyone is all there, things are put away, and the car starts to set off. At about 9 o'clock, we went to the tea house in Maojiawu. The popular tea house was full of fun. Due to the large number of people, the six tables in the open air of the teahouse and by the pond were all wrapped up by us. There is a fountain in the pond, and there are two geese on the side of the fountain called . Auntie��s daughter said to her side: ��Goose, goose, you��re not good at all! But you are so beautiful! Suddenly, a few drops of water are on my head.�� Is it raining? "I was surprised to say. I looked at the side. It turned out that several boys were in trouble. They were holding two water pipes: one rushing toward the goose, scared the goose to escape everywhere; one rushing toward us, let us I thought it was raining... Our children were playing here, and Dad��s colleagues and students were doing something else. Dad and the other five teachers were playing cards. They said from time to time, ��A '9�� or not, a 'k�� 'Do you want an 'A' to be..."; students with a table are playing "ONU" cards, sometimes they have digital cards, sometimes skill cards, sometimes color cards; and some students and teachers, Going to Baidi��s direction to go for a walk or to go cycling. Later I followed them for a walk. There was a person��s name on the road that made me particularly impressed. He called ��Dream Xiang�� and we all called him ��Pig Head��. Because he is too stupid! Always in the wrong direction, often confess the name of the flower... After that he has been besieged by several children, whether in the tea house, the car, the Su Di, or where we ate Rice until 4 pm This is what I go to West Lake, and parents, and brothers and sisters, and aunts and uncles who had together Mid-Autumn Festival
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